Florencio Mendiola Jr.
Florencio Mendiola Jr.
The second generation of immunocal

Immunocal Platinum has all the goodness found in immunocal with two addtional components added:(CMP) Cytokine Modulating Peptides and (RMF) Redox Modulating Formula.

This product is great for anyone who wants all the benefits of immunocal, plus:

A decrease in inflammation
A natural way of optimizing pH (caid/base) balance

Prevention of Calcium Loss
An sdded defense against the effects of aging

Restore energy and mental alertness the natural way!

Xtra Sharp is an exclusive tonic of herbs and minerals to support and improve general well-being, energy and vitality. You literally can feel it working in minutes!


With no sugar or the harshness of pure caffeine, Xtra Sharp is good for your health, and promotes sustained energy, endurance, mental alertness, and provides feeling of vitality and well-being. Formulated with pured cleaned Spring Water. Available in orginal or fruit flavor.

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The Most Complete Nutritional Liquid Health Supplement on the Market Today!

It’s with great excitement and enthusiasm we share with you one of the most significant Eniva nutraceutical innovations - VIBE FUSION! This nutritional powerhouse is built upon a foundation of nearly 15 years of research, development and formulation efforts. It has incorporated the latest nutritional breakthroughs from around the globe and recommendations from leading academic institutions. Most importantly, years of input from thousands of VIBE users has helped direct its final formula.

The additions of organic cocoa and dark chocolate, organic broccoli, nutritional content from 20 glasses of red wine, ginseng, increased vitamin and mineral components, increases in the organic aloe… and multiple other exciting enhancements make VIBE FUSION the best ever created. 

Specific focus was also given to adding ingredients and balancing the formula for stomach comfort and to support GI health. It’s “Chocolate Cherry” aroma and taste are very pleasing and sure to delight the senses (with 30% less natural sugars!)